Jungle assault course

As we head towards our riverside camp we can see and feel the landscape getting warmer and wetter. We definately feel as if we are in the depths of the jungle now!

P1090330 DSCF0076P1090336

Everything is an incredible, vivid shade of green and a canopy of tall trees cast dappled shadows across us as we march.


Of course it’s not all east going and we have a few obstacles to climb over, precariously balance on and duck under!


Once again I am holding up the group as I nervously grope my way across the log. Not exactly action woman am I!


And here’s a few more (one that ended in me getting wet – again!)


As we pass by, the scenery just keeps getting more and more wild and beautiful.


I can’t exactly be said to be at one with nature however . . . .


We really felt privileged to be able to see it all, and for the majority of the trip it was just the seven of us and Abba. We very rarely saw any one else.


Occasionally we’d come across some of the simple yet effective wooden dwellings that can be found in the depths of the jungle.


In the middle of nowhere you’ll suddenly glimpse one of the bamboo stilt huts, hidden in amongst the trees.


Of course, the draw back of being in the middle of nature’s vast wilderness is the distinct lack of amenities!


Below you can see one of the more modern convenience stops we spotted. Number twos will cost you extra!!!

P1090338 P1090328P1090334

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