Water power and goodbyes

Having eaten our fill at the previous waterfall stop we head onto another, larger falls. Here we’ll get the chance to swim (if we dare!)

However it’s quite a chilly day and, as some of us will discover, the waterfall is FREEZING!


We also say goodbye to one of our guides who will make the journey back, alone, to meet the next group of walkers.


Neil, having in a fit of bravado decided to go in, is now looking distinctly less fussed about the idea, having felt the temperature of the spray.


However, go in he does, so here’s Neil braving the ferocious falls! They are rather big and they are incredibly cold!


It’s like a cheap version of a TV advert for an aftershave or some other manly type item!!


Here’s a few after shots of the brave boy . . looking distinctly chilly and not as full of macho-ness!


After grabbing a kitkat (!) at the tiny little wooden hut shop that clings to the side of the river, we’re off again.

With our next over night stop in range we’ve got some spectacular jungle landscape to trek through first.

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