Umbrellas. Just umbrellas.

We took a brief trip to see one of the traditional crafts of the Chiang Mai area – umbrella making! So the man had to try and look even vaguely interested in this particular outing!

Here’s one of the workers mashing up the mulberry pulp to make the actual umbrella shade.


Creating the bamboo spokes that pop the umbrella open.

P1140898 P1140918 P1140911

And here’s the next stage where the spokes for the brolly are put in place, it all looks very sculptural!

P1140900 P1140912 P1140897


The wooden bamboo spokes make very striking photos. Naturally I had to be bodily dragged away from them . .


There’s every colour and pattern to be found in the umbrella warehouse, from traditional birds and flowers to stark, modern skulls.

From plain white brollies, these patient ladies transform them into flights of colourful fancy.

P1140891 P1140878 P1140870

I particularly enjoy this lady’s choice of work wear – a purple shower cap!

P1140921And here’s where the brollies get packed up and shipped off.



I enjoy this shot where the umbrellas look like giant crayons! Plus these grinning colourful skulls are a slightly sinister souvenir.


You can also get a traditional design painted directly onto an item such as a t-shirt or bag. Here’s my little Khao San bag getting the make over treatment!

P1140931 P1140941 P1140944

It took FOREVER for me to pick “one or two” trip mementos . . . so so many colourful bulky items to chose from.


P1140982 Garish but just delightful!!! These fans are an eye watering riot of colour. Why can’t I have them all!!!


I ended up with a fair few of the lovely little painted fans, a lime green brolly with flowers and a very bulky suitcase.


And of course, being as there was a photo opportunity, we never miss the chance to humiliate ourselves in public  . . . .



Having a nightmare trying to get these pictures to sit in the right place, stupid wordpress theme!!! Or maybe stupid me

P1140960 P1150014 P1150013

Next up, Phuket, beaches, epic rip offs and tuc tuc mafia!

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