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Next up on our whizz around the South of the UK is the cute little fishing village of Looe.

Looe has one of the largest fishing fleets on the Cornish coast and has a long maritime history.

Didn’t have long here, just time to grab a few snaps including this of the most classily named establishment in the world!


In medieval times there were two towns on opposite banks of the River Looe. East Looe includes the fishing harbour, the main shopping centre and the sandiest beach.

The two towns are now one, joined by a bridge across the Looe river which flows into the sea.


You can saunter along the “Banjo Pier” – unsurprisingly this is a pier in the shape of a banjo!


It is also home to some rather hungry, vicious locals . . .


And a dedicated rowing squad who happened to be heading out to sea as we stood watching.


Aside from a lovely stretch of beach, Looe has lots of tiny backstreets that you could easily loose a few hours in.


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