Surf’s up!

After settling into our four berth caravan at Seaview International Holiday Park we plot the next move.

The caravan is immaculate and well fitted with one good sized double room and a small room with two single beds. Ideal for a family with younger children but a bit of a squeeze for four adults!!!

First on the itinerary, our perennial favourite, and surfers hangout, Newquay! Parking up at Fistral Beach we enjoyed a bracing walk across the sands.


Not much surf but still flotillas of wanna be wave riders cluster on the sands and shiver in the sea. We pick our way across the slimy seaweedy rocks to gaze at the still blue waters.

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It takes me back in time to my several, ill fated, attempts at mastering the white horses . . . forget standing up, I couldn’t even seem to lie on the board. Preferring it would seem to continually roll off the sides like a drunken walrus.


Even on a chilly day the beach is still full of hardy souls, erecting wind breaks, cowering beneath piles of coats and jumpers as red faced children leap into rock pools and run, shrieking, from the icy waters.


The headland hotel surveys the action from its lofty perch high on the cliff side.

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Despite the chill, it is still a lovely place to visit and when the sun briefly shows its face, it gives any foreign beach a run for its money.


We head past the Headland Hotel and pay a visit to the Huer’s Hut. Named after the Huer, an important figure in the pilchard fishing industry that once thrived in Newquay.

The Huer would watch out from his high vantage point for the shoals of fish to arrive in the bay and then call out to the town by shouting ‘Heva, Heva’.


And then we have a potter around the harbour to see the floaty boaties and the fishermen coming in with their catch.


The flotillas of little boats come chugging into the harbour, fishermen hollering to their friends on shore, demanding hot tea or a fortifying pint.

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