Eden – the new paradise?

As we’re in that neck of the woods we take a return trip to the Eden Project.

Near to St Austell it’s a unique attraction featuring a series of distinctive bubble shaped biodomes set in a former 160 year old china clay pit.


According to the project’s website blurb the Guinness Book of Records heralds the Biomes as the biggest conservatories in the world.

Building these ‘lean-to greenhouses’ on an uneven surface that changed shape was tricky: ‘bubbles’ were used because they can settle on any shaped surface – the architect got the idea while washing up!

It boasts the world’s largest rainforest in captivity complete with waterfalls and streams, plus some little bug lovin critters too!

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There’s around 1 million plants of just under 4,000 species in Eden.

There’s heat and humidity loving species such as rubber trees, vanilla and ginger in the Tropical Biomes. Some of which made very good shelters, as demonstrated by Jan.


To get a real sense of the scale of some of the jungle plants you need to get up above them.


Luckily you can take a walk in the tree tops with a brand new canopy walk that lets you brush past the tallest of the plants


Everywhere you look there’s plants, flowers and other greenery. From exotic looking banana flowers to a legion of multi coloured tulips, it’s a horticulturists dream come true.

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Sadly for me, as it was Easter Sunday, the plant shop was shut! Booooooo. So I had to make do with taking lots of colourful snaps instead!


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Alternatively you can enjoy some of the art installations (Neil looks so impressed), make your own or just loiter in the upper hemispheres of the domes . . .


Here’s a glorious collection of metal butterflies, like shiny scraps of tin had briefly settled to rest their wings.

After the humidity of the tropical dome you can head to the dry, sandy loving specimens in the Mediterranean dome. Here you can see lemon trees, olive groves, vines and cork trees and feels just like a trip to Italy.

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If all that leaves you cold then here’s a few words of wisdom to leave you with dear readers . . .


Seriously considering making this one my sixth tattoo . . . .


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