St Ives – as good as being abroad!

St Ives or in Cornish, Porth Ia, meaning St Ia’s cove is a gorgeous slice of coastal loveliness nestled north of Penzance.


It’s a big hit with artists due to the quality of the light, and while i don’t usually subscribe to all that gumpf, it does indeed seem to have an especially clear, blueish tinge to the air, making everything seem clearer and more fresh.


It was a blustery, fresh day when we visited but the sunshine did make an appearance from time to time, showing the beach and pretty village to it’s best advantage.

1794711_10152019028212353_2478384099493330216_n 1972410_10152019028682353_7015648718769152804_n

The white sand and turquoise sea would have you believe that you were in Italy or some other exotic Mediterranean coast.


It’s so ruddy cold however that my fingers can barely take the snapshots!


10255849_10152019029717353_2718266761060150243_n  10256951_10152019029042353_8587362320992304521_n10155827_10152019030237353_8154061052760501491_n

However Neil is still super happy at being by the sea again!


There’s lots of lovely little alley ways to get lost in and shops to sample the local delicacies. Here’s one of the amusingly entitled streets (childish I know . . )


and an interesting combo to tempt your taste buds!


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