All hail the Alhambra

Ooops Christmas made me forget the most important post of all – the actual Alhambra visit! Full disclosure, the potted history below of this immense site comes mainly from Wikipedia! The Alhambra is one of the most famous icons of Islamic architecture, and one of the best-preserved palaces of the historic Islamic world. The buildingContinue reading “All hail the Alhambra”

Cute cave houses

Today we’re taking a trek to see some of the famous Cave houses that are dotted up high in Granada. Most are found in the area known as Sacromonte – sacred or holy mountain. The Sacromonte district is located on the Valparaiso hill of Granada and borders the north-east side of the Arab El AlbaícinContinue reading “Cute cave houses”


We’re exploring some mountain towns today starting with the gorgeous flower festooned village of Valldemossa. There are a multitude of ornate hand painted tiles that grace almost every house. celebrating the only home grown saint on the Island – Catherine of Palma – who was a Spanish nun, born in Valldemossa and canonised in 1930.Continue reading “Valldemossa”

Majorcan markets

Sunday is market day so we’re heading to Alcudia for a browse. If I can prise the hubby off the sun lounger! The bustling market has everything from fresh fruit and veg, to local honey, handcrafted textiles and also mass produced plastic tat! Here’s taste of the sights and sounds as we cruise the stallsContinue reading “Majorcan markets”

Cycle mania

Heading to the mountains of Majorca today to recce the crazy Lycra clad manimal’s epic bike ride!! The serpentine Majoracan roads reach their zenith with Sa Colabra, a twisting mecca for cyclists the world over. The arduous route winds its way through endless miles of sweat inducing slog before it culminates at the pretty townContinue reading “Cycle mania”