Marvellous Marbella

Last trip of our Spanish holiday now, a return to the lovely little town of Marbella. Despite it’s reputation as the go to place for vacuous reality stars it’s actually a wonderful place. Its beautiful old town is crammed full of character, whitewashed walls and splashes of hot pink bougainvillea draped across every surface. AsContinue reading “Marvellous Marbella”

Mercado Central de Atarazanas

Malaga central market is another foodie heaven, crammed to the rafters with a veritable cornocopia of fresh goods, meats and jars of¬†anything you can imagine. Malaga Central Market, also known as The Mercado Central de Atarazanas is a gorgeous piece of architecture as well as a haven for nibbles and tasty treats. The gorgeous stainedContinue reading “Mercado Central de Atarazanas”

Into the interior – Cordoba

We decided to hire a car for a few days to explore further afield from Malaga and see what else Andalucia had to offer. First on the itinerary (in no small part due to Micheal Portillo!) is Cordoba. About a two hour drive from Malaga this incredible city has a myriad of history seeping from everyContinue reading “Into the interior – Cordoba”

Rock the Alcazaba . . .

The Alcazaba is a palatial fortification built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century. This is the best-preserved alcazaba (from the Arabic al-qasbah meaning citadel) in Spain. There’s an abundance of beautiful Moorish architectural details including decorative archways, irrigation channels, ornate fountains and cool courtyards. I love this tiny little window arch, edged with decorative stone frills. TheseContinue reading “Rock the Alcazaba . . .”