Pueblos Blancos

The white towns of Andalusia, known as Pueblos Blancos  are a series of towns and large villages  in the northern part of the provinces of Malaga.

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All of the villages are characterised by bundles of houses with whitewashed walls and red or brown tiled roofs


Although we didn’t have time to extensively tour these little hidden gems, we did make it to one – Olvera.

The main monument of this city is itself.


A phrase that exemplifies this reality is “Olvera is a street, a church and a castle, BUT what a street, what a church and what a castle!”, for that reason Olvera was declared a Protected Area of Artistic and Historical Importance in 1983.


At the very tip of the town is the church Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (the Parish of Our Lady of the Incarnation) next to the Arabic Castle.

From here you have a panoramic view over the picturesque red tiled roofs and whitewashed homes.

There is also a cemetery at the top of the village where you can see the traditional, stacked style of burials favoured in the area.


As you wander the sunwashed, crazy paved alleyways, it’s like passing by whitewashed high rises for the dead.


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