Margaret Island

The other half was constantly intrigued by the island in the middle of the Danube. This green, leafy oasis is Margaret Island and it allows a peaceful break from the city.

The island has a range of activities on offer from sedate walks, to a zoo, water park, pubs and clubs.

Imagine how his little face lit up when he also learnt the following things: There were pedal cars, and a musical fountain! (Following the epic, soul destroying episode of the non-event Font Magica in Barcelona, he has been pining for a good musical water feature)

So, like an over sized pair of loons, we were crammed into a tiny, battered child’s toy for a breakneck carouse around the island.


There are a variety of rules involved in “driving” a pedal car. Stay on the marked routes, do not off-road, do not terrorise pedestrians. Neil proceeded to ignore them all.

Attempting to side slide the dinky motor, at one point almost getting us onto a main road (pooed myself at that point) haring across flower beds and generally being a menace.


Contrary to appearances I am not actually drunk in charge of a child’s toy! Although having whacked my shins on the dash board once too often I think I wished I had been . .


After our terrifying jaunt around the island we went for a much needed beer and pizza and watched the legion of joggers who use the island as a circuit lap.

History time! (Plus random snaps of the island’s musical water feature to intersperse amongst the thrilling history lesson)


In the middle Ages it was called the Island of Rabbits (Nyulak szigete) and was a royal hunting reserve.


In the 13th century King Béla IV. founded a nunnery on the island and made a vow to sent his daughter, Princess Margaret there if he could rebuild the country devastated by the Mongols.


After the invading Mongols returned home, faithful to his vow Béla sent the 11-year old Margaret to the convent. Since then the island has been known by her name.


Until 1901 the island could only be approached by boat or ship but the part of the Margaret Bridge that now leads onto the island was built in 1901.


But enough of that, there’s fountains! Musical fountains! With coloured lights! JOY!


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