Dubrovnik town

After our jaunt around the walls we had another saunter into the charming old town. (This time it wasn’t pouring with rain!!)


Heading to the Stradun via Pile Gate


Lots of pictures of the harbour now . . .

P1030111 P1030112 P1030113

St Johns fortress again in all its austre glory.


Finally I get to see the town bathed in sunshine, its gorgeous

P1030114 P1030117P1030123

The harbour is a picturesque setting for a very pricey drink and some food, or you can go cheap skatey, get a picnic like us and enjoy the same views


Makes me want to be back there right down, given the 3 degrees temperature outside and the grey drizzle!


Cable cars and sea swimming coming up next for your enjoyment!

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