Last Croatian memories

The time has come to wave a very fond goodbye to glorious Croatia (for now at least…) so here’s a few last shots of Dubrovnik. With its plethora of enchanting buildings, stunning countryside and budget friendly accommodation, Croatia was a revelation. Here’s the Stradun and Onofrio’s large fountain again all bathed in lovely lovely Croatian sunshine *wistfulContinue reading “Last Croatian memories”

Mount Srd cable car

If there’s a cable car in the vicinity then we tend to make an appearance on it sooner or later! Dubrovnik is no exception with Mount Srd boasting the town’s vertigo inducing attraction. The original cable car was built in 1969 but was almost completely destroyed during the shelling in the 1990s. At 405 metresContinue reading “Mount Srd cable car”

Walking the walls – part one

Dubrovnik old town is encircled by around two kilometres of walls and battlements. It takes around a hour and a half to march along them and they give fantastic views of the town, sea and red roof tiles. There are three entrances to the city walls: at Pile Gate, Ploce Gate and at Sv Ivan fort. WeContinue reading “Walking the walls – part one”

Beach life and taking a dip

Finally, back in Dubrovnik, we head for the iconic view point that inspired me to head to Croatia in the first place. It’s a place called Banje Beach. Part private beach bar and part public sunspot. From high up you can get the fabulous view across the beach to the fortress. No apologies for aContinue reading “Beach life and taking a dip”

Perfection at Plitvice National Park

From our base at Split we were perfectly placed to visit some of the stunning natural scenery that Croatia has to offer. And where better to see some of the very best on offer than at some of the country’s national parks. First up was the three and a half hour trip to Plitvice Lakes, theContinue reading “Perfection at Plitvice National Park”