Peeling paint

Apart from piles of food and markets, my other favourite photographic subject is, wait for it, peeling, cracking, layered paint!!!

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Whether it’s a crumbling wall, a decrepit window or a forgotten door, the layers of weathered paint beckon to me.

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Revealing intricate patterns, cracks and fissures, a multitude of colours and layers of detail.

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Here’s just a few tasty doors and windows from our Rhodes trip.

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You just want to peek in windows and peer into the courtyards. And I don’t just limit my fascination to doors and windows, I’ll accept chairs too!

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How fascinating is this little homestead? From the ramshackle pot plants, the wonky shutters or the contrasting lemon and blue paintwork there’s a multitude of interesting details to spot.


I love the way that the paint is gradually being weathered away to reveal the many different colours and textures.

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Loving these orange and blue shades on derelict doors in Symi.

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As well as the pale lemon and blues on these twin windows.


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