Blue blue bee boxes!

Ok so slightly misleading title, it should be the blue and green bee boxes of Siana but not quite as satisfyingly B worded!

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Following hot on the heels of my peeling paint extravaganza I give you – peeling paint on bee boxes!!


Naturally as soon as I clapped eyes on these colourful little roadside beauties I felt the need to capture them from every possible angle . . .


Be warned, this post is only about pictures of blue wooden boxes. I am not kidding!


I lied! Pausing briefly from the blue joy, here’s a delightful colourful sign advertising local wares.


Then it’s back to blue, turquoise, aqua, every shade! Oh the untold delights . . .


Check out this slightly different angle featuring a saucy rusted lock . .


Or this jaunty collection with contrasting red writing.


Finally, here’s a last look at this photogenic scene before I am dragged away . . ..


One comment

  1. Sandra · January 30, 2015

    Love the blue/ green hues in these photos. Take a look at my blog and consider giving it a follow if you enjoy!

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