What next?

Well I’ve saturated my stash of recent travels and am all up to date with all my trips – so what next?

Where am I going to point my wandering feet and eager eyes now?

Fear not. I’ve a few trips up my sleeve for the coming months including a beach based family trip to Portugal and a much anticipated trip to the little Greek island of Santorini for a wedding. (Stolen an image off Google!!)


But these are still a few months away so there’s a gap to fill!!

Looking back at my more recent posts I’ve noticed that I’ve been a better / more frequent blogger than I used to be. (OK so I yammer on more now!!)

So while I managed to cover some of my more epic trips in very concise, short posts in the past, I’ve become a bit more “verbose” in recent months.

So I’ll probably revisit a few of my favourite travel highlights in a bit more detail to fill in the time until I get my travel on again!!

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