Colourful mishmash

This post is a bit of a free for all dumping ground for some of my most favourite pieces of street art from the Brick Lane tour.

From the colourful  D7606 telephone box paste ups to Icon’s re-imagining of childhood games, it’s a crazy whizz though some particular highlights of mine!


Possibly my favourite snap of the whole day, this line up of psychedelic phone boxes is a sumptuous colourful treat.


More phones boxes, a colourful wall and a sneaky C215 spot too!

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Here’s some angelic artwork, St. Gentrfiizian. Brick Lane and The Kraze.

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Another line up of phone boxes filled with iconic women, I think I spy Liz Taylor and Rhianna in these.


More paste up boxes, C215 and a Gee thrown in for good measure.

163515_10151368138687353_1115762432_n 301966_10151367985272353_1993349335_n 164612_10151367958702353_395440480_n

It’s a very good question . . .


And finally Icon reinvents Thomas as an actual tank!


And shows Mario the error of his mushroom experimenting ways.



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