More magical markets

Carrying on my pictorial romp though markets that I have known and loved!

These are a throwback from a trip to Southern France way back in 2009. From flavoured salts to olives and figs, there’s a host of delicacies on offer.

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These snaps are from the bustling Cours Saleya market in Nice which is at the heart of the Old Town.


Cours Saleya hosts four different markets. The most well known is the Marché aux Fleurs, or Flower Market, held Tuesday through Sunday.


Expensive mushrooms nestle on a bed of greenery while pretty tins full of sweets tempt the younger market goers.


These little marzipan delights come in all shapes and sizes. Bananas, tomatoes, cherries and ladybirds – which ones tickle your fancy?


A rainbow of soaps are available in every colour and shade. From juicy cherry to tangy lime, they make your mouth water and your nose twitch.


Get yours in peach, violet, mimosa and rose amongst others.


And if you want less perfume and more spice then there’s a veritable cornucopia of seasonings to chose from.


Let’s end on this rather peculiar vegetable. A giant orange courgette!


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