Les Puces

No trip is complete without bribing / forcing the husband to trawl around a market or two. And this is no exception as I get very over excited by the idea of a proper French flea market (blame Escape to the Chateau!) The most famous flea market in Paris is the one at Porte deContinue reading “Les Puces”

The Louvre pyramid

The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum and also the most visited. It contains more than 380,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art and averages 15,000 visitors per day. The most instantly recognisable part for many people is the pyramid, a controversial addition made in 1989. The large pyramid serves as the main entrance to the Louvre MuseumContinue reading “The Louvre pyramid”

Galeries Lafayette Xmas

Galeries Lafayette is one of the most popular, chic and distinguished shopping centres in Paris.  You can browse this temple to consumerism under a stunning 100 year-old steel and glass Coupole. The Galeries Lafayette offers its visitors a splendid glass Coupole, rising to a height of 43 meters, which can be seen from across theContinue reading “Galeries Lafayette Xmas”

Sauntering around the Seine

There’s plenty to see just wandering around the alleyways and markets on the banks of the Seine. Including this sumptuous flower market that I dragged the reluctant hubby around. Here he is looking particularly unimpressed with the delights on show! The riverbanks are lined with little stalls full of curios, postcards and paintings. Below postersContinue reading “Sauntering around the Seine”

Random Parisian streets

Some random street shots from our roams around Paris’s streets and parks. Above is The ‘Fontaine des quatre parties du Monde one of the many ornate fountains in the city. Le Bateau Ivre” (“The Drunken Boat”) is a 100-line verse-poem written in 1871 by Arthur Rimbaud. This is part of The Wall of Poems project thatContinue reading “Random Parisian streets”