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Having a cultural moment now with a very quick whisk around the Tate gallery. It’s crammed pack full of an awe inspiring display of incredible art, from the rich, sumptuous pre raphaelites to uber modern, conceptual pieces.

10636173_10152682073087353_4666509623012620727_nAs we had very limited time we opted for the super quick immersion into all that the Tate has to offer with the BP Walk through British Art.

10903_10152682073677353_1535481112713762366_nAccording to the official blurb “The BP Walk through British Art offers a circuit of Tate Britain’s unparalleled collection from its beginnings to its end.

This ‘walk through time’ has been arranged to ensure that the collection’s full historical range, from 1545 to the present, is always on show.”

Foreground: Rasheed Araeen


So whether you hanker for Hockney or are mad about Millais, there’s a bit of art for everyone.


In no particular order, here are some of the snaps I took as I wandered around. Again. all taken on the phone so not best quality I am afraid!! I’ve tried to match up the art with the artist but some are missing. (and the spacing has gone a bit crazy too!)

L – R

in foreground: ??
in background: Walter Richard Sickert
Henry Moore OM, CH
in foreground: Dora Gordine

10360480_10152682076357353_4460162665825855883_n 10378153_10152682073222353_5116348987523850053_n 10501730_10152682076512353_626832006129746277_n

Pauline Boty
Close up of part of the Francis Bacon work


L – R
Mark Gertler
Francis Bacon

10959104_10152682076927353_5655417951700031963_n 11015220_10152682077487353_7547794309028769387_n 11018616_10152682073267353_7279427517791727799_n

L – R
Henry Moore OM, CH
Family Group 1949, cast 1950–1
Henry Moore OM, CH
Woman 1957–8, cast date unknown
Frank Dobson


Henry Moore OM, CH
David Hockney


L – R
John Hilliard

Hockney seen through William Tucker

Anabasis I 1964

11081323_10152682076877353_995913583305819551_n 11081389_10152682076282353_6171683010535876024_n 11082625_10152682073502353_2660948166912375820_n

David Hockney


in background: David Bomberg


L – R
Francis Bacon

Sir Jacob Epstein



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