Alicante details

Before I actually visited I was of the dismissive opinion that Alicante was just another highrise, non descript Spanish city that tourists passed through to get to the Costas. But as per usual I was wrong! It’s a bustling, working city for sure but it is more than that. Theres a lovely beach, very reasonablyContinue reading “Alicante details”

Las Meninas Mademoiselles

Around the streets of Madrid we kept encountering a variation of colourful, larger than life, ladies. The statues are all variations on the main characters of Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez’s masterpiece that hangs in the Prado Museum. An art installation saw 80 sculptures of Las Meninas (‘the ladies in waiting’) dotted around the Spanish capital.Continue reading “Las Meninas Mademoiselles”

East Side Gallery

Taking in some of the more colourful sights of Berlin now we head to the East Side Gallery. This colourful site is an outdoor gallery that covers one of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. At 1.3 kilometre it’s the longest open air art gallery in the world and features work from over 118 artistsContinue reading “East Side Gallery”

Plethora of paint

There’s a last lingering look at the amazing murals of Orgosolo now before we head onwards. I love the combination of faded pastel portraits of people with the flaking, peeling paint of old doors and metal work. Below Mahatma Gandhi ministers to the poor and dwells on the plight of the impoverished. This colourful houseContinue reading “Plethora of paint”

Multitude of murals

As we continue our exploration of Orgosolo’s outdoor art gallery we come across everything from political and historical paintings to cubist style works. Below is a painted reproduction of a movie poster for the famous Bandits of Orgosolo, a 1960 Italian film drama directed by Vittorio De Seta that featured local shepherds as some ofContinue reading “Multitude of murals”

Ogling Orgosolo

Moving away from beaches for a while we’re heading to the isolated town of Orgosolo. Hidden in the midst of 1,000-metre-high mountains, surrounded by wild pine forests and a byword for lawlessness and kidnappers, Orgosolo is also an open air art gallery thanks to hundreds of murals that cover every wall, house and shop. PaintingsContinue reading “Ogling Orgosolo”