Around the headland

Having sat on the beach for all of half an hour I was predictably getting itchy explorer feet so decided to strike out for the headland and see what was around the bend!P1030855

I knew that the beach of old town Albuferia could be found via a cliff top walk and it was apparently was only twenty minutes away.

So off I trotted, just me and my trusty camera.

P1030857 P1030867 P1030856

While it wasn’t exactly a gentle stroll (more a a scramble and hike) I got to experience some of the stunning, rugged coast line that the Algarve is famous for.


As it was just me and my camera you get treated to a rare glimpse of me (as the usual photographic human subject AKA the other half, wasn’t on hols with me!)

P1030861 P1030865P1030854

Dramatic ochre cliffs crumble and tumble into the deep blue waters below. The sunny April day was a perfect temperature for the climb.


Along the way I spotted secluded little coves without a tourist in site, eroded rocks created bridges and pools while the sandy cliff path kept on winding its way ahead of me.

P1030870 P1030875 P1030877

It really was a beautiful walk.

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I barely passed a soul as I trekked along the cliff top. It felt like I had the Algarve to myself.


It got a bit hairy in some places where the path had literally dropped into the sea, leaving just a tiny section to inch your way along.


But before long I had sight of the populated Albuferia town beach. A huge stretch of sand that is accessed via a tunnel from the old town. Here’s the steps down from the cliff I had just crossed.


It was back to civilisation and goodbye to the empty rugged glories of the lonely cliff top.


My destination was the old town of Albuferia.


On the look out for my favourite snaps of peeling paint, old doors and architecture. The town perches on top of the cliff, all white cubes and parasols.


Next up, some snaps from the old town!

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