Jewel bright waters

We’re coming to the end of our Sardinian adventure but on the last day we see possibly the very best of this stunning island. Hopping on a boat tour around the coastline from Cala Gonone we’re treated to some truly spectacular rugged cliffs and the most beautiful water yet! I can honestly say that IContinue reading “Jewel bright waters”

Simply stunning

There’s no other words to describe our next Sardinian hot spot – simply stunning just about covers it. La Pelosa beach (Spiaggia della Pelosa) with its warm shallow turquoise waters and glittering white sands, is a true oasis of wonder. It could easily stand as possibly the best beach I have ever been to, it’sContinue reading “Simply stunning”

Santorini, black sand and weddings

Ticking destinations off my bucket list right, left and centre this year with a fantastic week in the glorious Greek island of Santorini just completed! It was a truly family affair as we were all there for the wedding of my younger cousin who chose the clifftop overlooking the caldera for her nuptials. We decidedContinue reading “Santorini, black sand and weddings”


Next up on the Greecian odyssey is the adorable little sugar cube village of Lindos. The village is a sprawl of traditional white houses, many of which have rooftop terraces complete with bars and restaurants. Here’s the man pausing as we head up to the Acropolis. The acropolis is a  natural citadel which was fortified successively byContinue reading “Lindos”

Beach life and taking a dip

Finally, back in Dubrovnik, we head for the iconic view point that inspired me to head to Croatia in the first place. It’s a place called Banje Beach. Part private beach bar and part public sunspot. From high up you can get the fabulous view across the beach to the fortress. No apologies for aContinue reading “Beach life and taking a dip”

Split sights and beachlife

After surviving the climb to the top of the bell tower, we headed out and about to grab a snapshot of the sights of Split. Artwork nestles against the ancient mellow stones while a shoal of rainbow fish wiggle tantalisingly for shoppers. Bouganvilla blazes on every house and hides even the most broken down ofContinue reading “Split sights and beachlife”