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Photo tour – two little words that strike fear into my loved ones and frenzied joy into me!! Luckily for them I am more than happy to grab my camera and head out solo.

Here’s some snaps from a few of the sights we saw on a full day snap happy tour of the Algarve region .

Below is the futuristic looking sanctuary of Loule, perched high on a hill above the town.


The original Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy (aka Sanctuary of the Sovereign Mother) was built in 1553 while the super modern dome was a far later addition .


The next stop is Loule itself. It features a castle and a bustling market hall.


The castle used to boast a series of defensive walls approximately 940 m (0.58 miles) in length. Three towers, a turret and a stretch of ramparts with a walk way along the top define the defensive structure.

Inside it lies the – “alcaidaria” – where the commander of the castle lived – which was possibly built in the 14th century and was rebuilt in the 18th century

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Above is a bronze statue of an elderly farmer selling her wares close to the central market.

The attractive arabian style market hall is home to lots of colourful stalls and I waltzed through it with unbridled delight!


Decorative shaped tomatoes, colourful sardine tins and fresh fish offer plenty of photo opportunities.

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Look at the shiny, fresh, dead little fishes.


Or you can enjoy them in more sanitised, colourful packaging such as these little sardines.


We’ve still got lots of little villages to check out so come back soon!

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