On route to our next photogenic village we stop off briefly to take a closer look at one of the many traditional water wheels that are still dotted around the region.

They are protected monuments so if you buy land with one on it, it has to stay there forever!!

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They still function as well as ever, even if they’ve been left to rust for decades.

Next on the photo tour we head to a pretty little village called Altes.

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It’s a typical, Algarve village of whitewashed houses with lattice work, handcrafted chimneys and narrow, cobbled streets nestling in the foothills of the Serra do Caldeirão.


There are so many pretty windows that I became virtually delirious with snappy delight!

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Dotted about the whitewashed alley ways are delightful terracotta pots full of fleshy succulents and geraniums.


Some of which I have absolutely no idea of what they’re called!


Sunlight bounces off the blindingly white buildings, contrasting with the solid blue of the sky.

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Here’s a few more colourful snaps of plants and paintwork.

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Plus a local feline stares me down as I capture them in my view finder.

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At the eastern end of Alte, past the school, are the springs (fontes) for which Alte is well known. The area around Fonte Pequena (little spring) is very pretty with a bridge across the stream, the start of a series of waterfalls and a picnic site.

There’s also a paved garden area dedicated to Alte’s famous poet, Cândido Guerreiro..there are tiled plaques on the wall with some of the poet’s works on.


As usual there are lots of pretty tiles to be found on the local houses.


While sunshine bathes some of the local flora in glorious light and colour.


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