Colours of Greece

Mooching around the back streets of Santorini’s capital city Fira we encounter endless splashes of colour, from tea towels to pottery.


The turquoise of this door frame contrasts deliciously with the salmon pink of the begonias. Meanwhile Neil adopts his usual role as human photo prop and delicate ceramic bells jingle beguilingly from a shady doorway.

P1040973 P1040977 P1040972

Here’s the simple yet imposing facade of Fira Cathedral. Inside a ferocious little woman ruthlessly patrols, throwing out tourists who breach the no shorts, no photos, no noise rules.


Back on the street modern art jostles with the usual tourist souvenirs and we’re treated to some stunning views.

P1040990 P1040986 P1040982

Here’s the vertiginous view down to the harbour. it’s a fair old trek down but thankfully you can always grab the cable car back up.


Doors to nowhere offer dizzying views over the serene Caldera and windows with a dash of colour beg to be snapped.

P1040992 P1040996 P1040993

Simple colours and lines form the uniquely Greek architecture while pom pom slippers and drift wood art work tempts the wallet.

P1040999 P1040995 P1040994

Next up we attempt the cliff top walk between Fira and Oia. Prepare for some of the most envy inducing views ever!!

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