Cliff top views

One of the best ways to appreciate the stunning views over the caldera and to experience some of the exquisite (and expensive) cave house hotels is to walk the clifftop between Fira and Oia.

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It will apparently take you three hours to cover the 9 km distance from Fira to Oia. However, we didn’t make it all the way! It was a HOT day and I was grumpy . . .


However we did get mid way to the pretty little village of Imerovigli. Here’s some of the lovely sights along the way.

P1050020 P1050022 P1050023

From blinding white walls and staircases to brightly coloured potted plants and gorgeous little doors, I was in my element.

You also get stunning views down to the sea – although I am not entirely sure that this boat is water proof!


More of the iconic blue domes can be found on route, while an artist’s residence offers an alternative to the traditional white.

P1050032 P1050035 P1050036

Lovely juicy colours make my mouth water!!


As we head along the narrow cliff top path it winds pasts churches, windmills, through tiny settlements and past truely stunning boutique hotels too.

P1050043Traditonal caves houses, built into the cliff face, provide ideal places for discerning travellers to rest and relax.


But you have to have very deep pockets to stay in most of them! So naturally we just posed outside some of them and pretended to be part of the glitterati!

P1050048 P1050049 P1050050

I love the colour combinations that are found in Greece. The snow white walls contrast gloriously with the traditional blue paintwork and the beautiful pink of the Bougainvillea.


Here you can see the terraces of cave houses and swimming pools  that cling to the cliff face and Neil takes a break while I snap myself into a photo frenzy.

P1050053 P1050054 P1050056

More pictures of our little stroll to come!! . .

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