More clifftop views

So, thanks to some posting error on my part, the first part of our clifftop walk appears to have gone live before it should have! (Growl) You can check out cliff top walk part one here.


In a nutshell we set out to walk between Fira and Oia along the cliff top over looking the Caldera. As usual I was too hot and too grumpy to actually complete said task .. .

P1050057 P1050060 P1050064

However we did get to explore the stunning, archetypal Greek settlements along the way.

P1050061 P1050066 P1050069

Getting a brief taste of luxury amongst the exquisitely restored cave houses that nestle into the cliff face.


The glare of the sun off the whitewashed walls was quite overpowering at times and the narrow alley ways become a focus for all of the day’s heat.

Thankfully, soon enough we reached the empty, undeveloped coastline. Behind the man, to the far far left of the photo is Oia, our overly optimistic final destination!! Needless to say, Oia was not reached this day!!


As we headed out of the final village and onto the more open coastline we encountered one of the islands most iconic animals! The donkey!

P1050067 P1050077 P1050075

The next note worthy event is the glamorous wedding that we’d come to Santorini for. Cliff top views, helicopter arrivals – beautiful bride!

Pictures to follow (of course!)

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