Wedding of the year

So it’s time for the main event, the reason we’d all converged onto the gorgeous little island of Santorini. My beautiful little cousin’s wedding!

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No apologies for the completely family centric posting of lots of posey pictures of people you will never have heard of (and probably have no interest in either!) But hey, it’s my blog, I’ll pap my peeps if I want to 🙂

The setting for the ceremony was the Chapel of St Irini, perched on the cliff top overlooking the Caldera as the sun started to sink low in the the sky.


Here’s the wedding setting with stunning views as its backdrop. But it was scorching and we all drooped a little as we waited for the bride to arrive! Here’s a few snaps of yours truly with my parents.


We’re not often this glam it has to be said and I was not sure whether to feel complimented or slightly offended by the amount of people who couldn’t believe it was me!!


The chapel is a popular choice for weddings and you can even see family members get hitched over the internet if you can’t be there in person as they have a live web cam feed. Handy for my grandparents back home.

P1050099 P1050112 P1050101

Finally after watching the nervous groom and his best man head to the alter, here comes the beautiful bride.

Headed up by a traditional greek band, followed (in the Greek tradition) by the bridesmaids, mother of the bride and then father of the bride and the gorgeous girl herself (sob)

P1050114 P1050116 P1050122

While we wait for the vision of loveliness to make her way to the alter, the guests get papped by the highly enthusiastic wedding photographer (it’s a novel experience for me to be on the receiving end of the lens for a change)


However, despite my aversion to appearing in front of a camera, I think we all scrubbed up quite well. I think I’ll wear sunglasses in every snap from now on . . .


After hearing the vows in Greek and in English, the happy couple exchange rings and sign the wedding book.


The band continued to serenade throughout the ceremony.


And within just a few minutes it’s all official! A wonderful venue, stunning backdrop and truly wonderful experience for two lovely people.

P1050148 P1050154 P1050152

As glamorous as I was striving to be, the rather brisk winds at the top of the clifftop wrecked havoc with my hair! Hence the grump!


Finally here’s just a selection of group shots from the day.


Whole group of glamourous, gorgeous people!! What a marvellous bunch we are 🙂


Self conscious wave (always hilarious when we’re told to look like we’re having fun . .cue everyone looking stilted and slightly awkward)


Throughout the day I did become very aware that I had THE shortest dress of the whole group. This become more apparent when having to Greek dance later . . .


Plus it was the first time in about 15 years since I had worn high heels. And I remembered why I hadn’t done so for so long. It was SHEER TORTURE! Like little spikey, man traps on my feet.


Finally here’s a final group shot of us all at the venue – Pyrgos Restaurant. A restaurant with a panoramic terraced view over the island. The bride and groom made a super glamourous entrance in a helicopter.

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