Escaping the grime of Catania we head on a train to the gorgeous town of Taormina. Situated 250 metres above sea level the town has been a tourist destination since the 19th century.


First off we nip off the train and hit the beach which is below the old town. This area is known as Mazzaró -Taormina Mare. Sadly it’s a grey day and it isn’t looking its best!


After mooching around the shoreline for a bit we head up into the old town.

Usually you can grab the cable car up and this takes about two minutes but due to flash floods before we arrived, it was out of action so we took one of the tiny buses up the hill.

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The bus drops you off in a little square just below the old town. Heading up into the main area you are quickly in the midst of a bustling tourist throng.


Taormina is a tourist mecca and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a gorgeous dollop of loveliness in a so far, rather grimy island.


The main street is lined with at shops, restaurants and souvenirs stands. Straight away one of the most intriguing and colourful sights is the array of ceramics and pottery that can be found everywhere.

P1060601 P1060602 P1060588

Delicate lace parasols make for a pretty display.


Meanwhile the man has found a classic vespa and quite fancies himself on it.

P1060597 P1060590 P1060598

Prepare yourselves for lots of pictures of ceramics and artistically painted doors . . . . .

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