Gargano Coast

The stunning coast of Gargano houses numerous beaches and resorts such as Vieste, Peschici and Mattinata. We’re just cruising along, stopping off at beaches along the way 🙂 The town of Vieste can be seen in the background and that is where we are heading next.

Jewel bright waters

We’re coming to the end of our Sardinian adventure but on the last day we see possibly the very best of this stunning island. Hopping on a boat tour around the coastline from Cala Gonone we’re treated to some truly spectacular rugged cliffs and the most beautiful water yet! I can honestly say that IContinue reading “Jewel bright waters”

Simply stunning

There’s no other words to describe our next Sardinian hot spot – simply stunning just about covers it. La Pelosa beach (Spiaggia della Pelosa) with its warm shallow turquoise waters and glittering white sands, is a true oasis of wonder. It could easily stand as possibly the best beach I have ever been to, it’sContinue reading “Simply stunning”

Paintbox pretty

Carrying on with our exploration of the gorgeous little Sardinian village of Bosa now. We’re heading up into the mass of tiny colourful alleyways in the town now and the further up you go then more rainbow like it becomes! This quirky little town is chock a block full of paintbox coloured delights. Each houseContinue reading “Paintbox pretty”

In the clouds at Castelmola

While the views from Taormina are spectacular, its tiny cousin Castelmola, 1,800 feet above sea level, offers absolutely stunning ones. Cobblestones, ruined castles and winding alleys almost devoid of tourists, offer a breathing space. Although the sun was beginning to go down, as our little bus trundled up the hill towards the village, you beginContinue reading “In the clouds at Castelmola”