Next on our tour of the East coast of Sicily is the town of Syracuse.

This historic 2,700-year-old city played a key role in ancient times, when it was one of the major powers of the Mediterranean world.

It’s a UNESCO world heritage site due to the amount of stunning buildings.

But before we get to that, of course we have to take a detour . .. to a market!


Colourful prickly pears and red hot chillies are ubiquitous.

From ruby red to sage green, it’s a veritable rainbow of edibles.

Mountains of curry, cloves, peppers, cumin and other heady spices beg to be snapped.


Pink beans and fancy salad leaves jostle for space with gigantic onions.


A cornucopia of colourful fruits make the mouth water while tiny striped fish and every green veg imaginable can be found for sale.

More fishes, nuts and pomegranates tumble from every stall.

I can imagine artists and painters having a field day here trying to capture the textures and colours on canvas.

Even if your culinary experience is limited to sticking a ready meal in the oven, you might find yourself a convert to cooking from scratch with all this amazing fresh food!

Next up we take a look at some of the exquisite buildings that Syracuse is famous for.

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