Final glimpses

It’s time to bid a final adieu to Sicily with a final batch of photos from the trip. We make a return visit to the Fountain of Shame in the sunlight for a better look at all the rudey nudeys! The details are all the more impressive under the glaring Sicilian sunshine. The weird aquatic fantasyContinue reading “Final glimpses”

More market malarky

We head deeper into the barely contained chaos that is Palermo’s Capo market. Beset on all sides by jewel bright vegetables, slimy snails and red raw animal heads! Note how the man looks supremely defensive on all the photos with hands securely over any valuables – markets are prime pickpocketing areas so beware. Briefly seekingContinue reading “More market malarky”

La Vucciria

Palermo’s oldest street market is La Vucciria, which translates to ‘voices’ or ‘hubbub’. It’s based in the side streets around Piazza San Domenico and it is Palermo’s most established outdoor market. These days it is a somewhat faded and shrunken version of itself and we didn’t stay long. Just long enough to snap some of theContinue reading “La Vucciria”

Ortigia island

We’re heading for Ortigia – Syracuse’s island heart. Packed full of history and architecture. It may be small but it’s crammed with over 2,500 years of history. As we head to Ortigia we pass The Fountain of Diana by Giulio Moschetti At Diana’s feet, Alpheus looks on as his love interest Arethusa turns into a fountain after she asks for helpContinue reading “Ortigia island”

In the clouds at Castelmola

While the views from Taormina are spectacular, its tiny cousin Castelmola, 1,800 feet above sea level, offers absolutely stunning ones. Cobblestones, ruined castles and winding alleys almost devoid of tourists, offer a breathing space. Although the sun was beginning to go down, as our little bus trundled up the hill towards the village, you beginContinue reading “In the clouds at Castelmola”