Ceramic fish shoals

Warning! This post is purely catering to my magnet and ceramic fetish! You have been warned . .

Imagine if you will, my almost rapturous delight, when strolling along Noto’s main street, to come across a shop stuffed to the brim with nothing but pottery, magnets and, even better, CERAMIC SEAFOOD!!

Yeap, you heard right, not only thousands of magnets in every shape and size, but a veritable fishmongers worth of pottery sea creatures.


It’s really not a sight you see every day, so naturally I skulked about taking surreptitious snaps.


Whether you fancy tiny traditional Moorish heads, bunches of chillies and garlic or mini painted plates, you can grab a slice of brightly coloured holiday souvenir here.

But by far the most intriguing display is the incredible spectacle of fishy pottery goodness!


Crabs, sardines, squid, coral, jellyfish . . . if it swims, grows or splashes through the oceans then it is probably depicted here!


The detail on these lifelike delights is incredible. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would say this was just a normal fish market stall!


Pretty cool eh? Even if you’re not a mega ceramics nerd like me, I am sure you’re still a tiny bit impressed!

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