Final Noto glimpses

After the excitement of the magnet shop there was just time to grab a bite to eat and then a final whirl through the honey coloured stone streets.

We final spot one of the traditional Sicilian carts but sadly it is not one of the most ornate examples!


A simple yet effective church door catches my eye while on the hunt for the loo . .


Then it’s off to take a quick peek around Noto’s Cathedral. (And yes, I did a Rocky style sprint up the steps while humming the theme tune. . . . )


The cathedral’s construction began in the early 18th century and was completed in 1776. It is dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra.


The cathedral has had several mishaps and had to be partially rebuilt on a few occasions. The latest being in 1996 when a large part of the cathedral collapsed.

It was only reopened in 2007, 11 years after the collapse and was only reconsecrated in 2011.

The cathedral is fairly sparsely decorated, mainly in white, apart from the colourful frescos in the cupola and pendentives.

Then sadly we have to scarper to catch the bus back to Catania. Noto is a stunning Baroque gem that is well worth a visit.

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