Sayonara Shinjuku

Here’s one last neon whirl around Shinjuku’s flashing lights and garish nightlife. I’m missing the frenetic city again! The temptation to book flights and head back is increasing with every photo I post! A last look at Godzilla is a kitschy reminder of the wealth of cultural influences that Japan has gifted to the world.Continue reading “Sayonara Shinjuku”

Awesome Akihabara

After sating my desire for all things kitchen related we head onto get our first glimpse of one of the ubiquitous sights in Tokyo – the neon jungle of Akihabara, AKA Electric town. Akihabara is named after theĀ fire-controllingĀ god of a shrine built after the area was destroyed by a fire in 1869. Akihabara gained theContinue reading “Awesome Akihabara”

A Quirky Quinta

Trying to top the incredible Pena Palace is pretty much impossible but there are other inspiring, quirky and fascinating places to see in Sintra. Quinta da Regaleria is just one of them. Another whimsical slice of Portuguese real estate! Quinta da Regaleira is an estate located near the historic center of Sintra, Portugal. It isContinue reading “A Quirky Quinta”

Lisbon colours and corners

Lisbon is alive with colour, blink and you miss it details and delights around every corner. It’s also famous for its cute little trams that whizz up and down the steep cobbled streets. Two not to miss are number 28 that takes you winding through the old Alfama district and over blood curdling hills. TheContinue reading “Lisbon colours and corners”