Seaview is possibly one of the prettiest stretches of beach on the Isle of Wight in my opinion so we always have to revisit every time. The colour palette of the water is just incredible, from deepest navy to royal blue, azure and greens. We find a few lost little woolen friends along the beachContinue reading “Seaview”

Blue water dreaming

It might be snowing, raining and flooding here in dismal Blighty but my mind is floating away in the warmth of a Kefalonian summer! Stopping for a brief pause on our road trip around the island, we stumble upon this little roadside pebble beach. Complete with obligatory bobbing boats! Everywhere you look, Kefalonia has aContinue reading “Blue water dreaming”

Palombaggia beach

Yet more stunning beaches are in our sights today. This time the glorious Palombaggia. It’s the most famous beach in Corsica. This vast expanse of sand stretches over 1.5 km with extra fine white sand.  The beach is lined with small dunes and pine trees providing shade in summer. It’s a stunning place. With its stoneContinue reading “Palombaggia beach”

Fairytale Sintra

Finally we arrive at the town that inspired the entire trip – Sintra! Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments. One of the most eyecatching is the Pena Palace, perched high above the town it is a Disneyesque riot of colour and architectural quirks. We visited on a perfect sunny day, the blueContinue reading “Fairytale Sintra”