Grottos, follies and fun

After the excitement of the Initiation Wells we continue the exploration of the Quinta de Regaleira.

The true wonder of the Quinta da Regaleira are the grounds, which cover four hectares and were inspired by the owner’s mystic ideologies.


The estate is a sprawling wonderland of follies, castles, underground tunnels and grottos.

The enigmatic buildings, scattered throughout the gardens are believed to hide symbols related to alchemy, Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucians

Around every corner is some ornate, whimsical object to climb, crawl into or peek out of.

Underground tunnels, lit only by fairy lights, lead to hidden back passages where you emerge into the sunlight.

Here the man tries his luck at balancing on the pixie glad stepping stones. No mean feat given the constant stream of other visitors jostling for position!

I also take a perch on the tiny bridge to enjoy the fantastical feel of the tufa glen.

This place is awesome! You feel childlike and transported to a far more innocent time while exploring.

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