Final quirks of Quinta

After exploring the fantastical grounds of Quinta da Regaleira  we head to the house itself.

But first we stop by the little chapel outside the house.

It is a Roman Catholic Chapel, and Its architecture is akin to the palace’s. The interior of the chapel is richly decorated with frescoes, stained glass windows and lavish stuccoes.

Once inside the main house there’s a wealth of lavish details and murals to marvel at.

I love this sumptuous red and silver door with delicious engraved metalwork.

And if you look down you’ll see an impressive mosaic floor depicting animals and birds.


Detail decorates many of the rooms including this fanciful display of rural hunting and social scenes.

Turn your eyes upward and be treated to some incredibly ornate carved wooden ceilings.

Here’s a few more ornate scenes that can be found dotted around the place.

Even the knobs and knockers are over the top flashy and festooned with details.

Then it’s off for a final glimpse of the marvellous exterior of the house and its grounds.

Yet another marvellous gem that Sintra has to offer the intrepid explorer.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to explore this incredible little slice of paradise.


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