Our final stop of the trip is Cascais, a bustling seaside resort with lots of restaurents, bars and shops.

Cascais has been  a favoured holiday destination since the early 19th century.

Historically Cascais was a minor fishing port but this forever changed when King Fernando II (1816-1885) proclaimed Cascais as his favoured destination for his summer retreat.

The royal seal of approval  encouraged the 19th century high-society of Europe to flock to Cascais as well.

This influx of money and political power funded the construction throughout the town of grand residences, lavish entertainment venues and fine parks.


Modern day Cascais has plenty of impressive old architecture but it also has flashes of modernity around every corner including some impressive wall art.

On our first day we simply stroll around the town, aclimatising and enjoying hidden nooks and crannies.

As usual I am attracted to wall art and colourful urban paintings.

Luckily there’s plenty for me to chose from and I’m kept busy snapping away!


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