Sand, sea and sculptures

The sun’s out so we make the most of exploring the seaside town of Cascais.

There’s a nice town beach with plenty of sand and sea for the whole family to enjoy.

However I’m far more interested in knackered old buildings instead!

There’s a beautiful blue pallette to be found all over the town as well as this cute dog themed tile.

Here’s a view of another of the beaches further along the coastline.

Shivering in the depths of a British winter as I write this, I wish I was back there!!


Naturally I am on the hunt for old, crumbly, graffitted things and I am not disappointed!

There’s so much colour, street art and tiling to snap away at.

And of course the obligatory magnet store that will add to the weight on my fridge!

The traditional Portageuse Cockeral can be found all over the tourist souvenirs.


Texture and quirky details festoon the walls and tempt you into eateries.

Below the man stands in the square which boasts some typical wavey Portuguese black and white stone mosaic “calcada” pavement – this might make you feel a little bit seasick though!

Below are some of the detailed azulejos, tiles with different motifs, that decorate the town hall facade.

Meanwhile on the beach sand sculpters have been busy at work creating little works of art that will only last for a day.

All in all Cascais is a pleasant place to while away the hours, baking on the beach and exploring the little back streets and squares.


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