Azenhas do Mar

A short drive away from Cascais is the tiny hamlet of Azenhas do Mar.

That’s our destination for the day and we set out, all packed into the hire car, stopping to snap some decorative tiles onroute.

Azenhas do Mar is a picture-perfect village located by the Atlantic Ocean with white houses tumbling down the cliff sides.


The main attraction of this tiny little hamlet is the wide and windy beach located at the bottom of a step hill.

It’s overlooked by a lovely restaurent and has a natural swimming pool that fills and empties with the tidal ebb and flow.

Even though the beach is fairly small, what it lacks in stature it more than makes up for in majestic nature.


The pounding of the waves gets the adrenline pounding, creating a natural spectacle that we were spellbound by.


We spent an hour just paddling, surf watching and getting covered in salt and sunlight.

If you take a climb up the cliff side you’ll get a wonderful view of the white houses clinging to the hillside.


Even months later I can still smell the ocean and feel the sunbaked salt on my skin. For such a tiny place it packed a huge punch.

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