Final glimpses

Finally to the relief of everyone (and my aunt in particular!) this is the final batch of pictures from our Portuguese adventure.


Above is a cute water wheel from Azenhas do Mar that I forgot to post earlier and below are a few kitsch souvenirs for sale near Boca do Inferno.

We nipped back to the boisterous cliffs on a calmer day and it is like a different world! No sign of the ferocious spectacle that makes it such tourist draw.

Then a quick mooch around a little market close by with lots of lovely pots and ceramic fishes that I enjoy immensely.

I wish I had bought a few of these colourful little beauties!


Below is the ornate Museu-Biblioteca Condes de Castro Guimarães.

This whimsical early-19th-century mansion, complete with castle turrets and Arabic cloister, sits in the grounds of the Parque Marechal Carmona.


Another striking building is the Santa Marta Lighthouse and Museum. This is one of the most photographed things in Cascais.

Built in 1868 on the site of a 17th century fort the lighthouse only came into operation after the site was stripped of its military status.

Santa Marta’s distinctive blue and white striped tower stands at 8 metres (25ft) tall and still stands guard over the mouth of the Tagus. Until 1981 it was manned continuously by lighthouse keepers, however these days the light is automated.


Next up we head into the grounds of the Castro Guimaraes museum which is housed in the most architecturally interesting building of Cascais.

The exterior of the once grand residence is an elaborate mixture of mock gothic, classical Portuguese elements and Arabian stone work and arches.

Surrounding the museum are the pretty gardens of Jardim Marechal Carmona.

There are lots of feathered friends – from ducks to incredibly gorgeous peacocks.

I was lucky enough to capture one such glamorous creature in full on display mode.

He really was showboating for the camera! And it is a fantastic final image for an incredible, colourful, glamorous Portuguese adventure.

That’s it for Portugal folks! Next up is a wonderful trip to Brittany and then (heart still skips a beat) our epic trip to Japan!!!

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