Brittany baby!

Despite having gathered quite a bit of the world under my belt, I have been woefully lax in exploring one of the closest places to my home country – France!

I’ve only ever been to the South of France and that was many years ago, a whirlwind tour of Nice, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco and fantastic it was!

However this year I finally managed to explore a bit more of our closest continental neighbour with a trip to Brittany.

We hired a large gite in the little hamlet of Loctudy that was home to 10 of us for a week. The village is full of the beautiful traditional architecture of the region.

Loctudy (Or in Breton: Loktudi) is a fishing port and seaside resort in Brittany, France, at the mouth of the Pont-l’Abbé river estuary.

Close to our gite is the gorgeous  Beach Sables Blancs (or white sand beach)

Crisp, squeaky and glittery white sand sneaks as far as the eye can see, a peaceful paradise.

While the turquoise sea looks inviting it is still quite bracing!

Here’s the unusually shaped elephant rock – obvious to see why it has this moniker!

One of the things that I quickly noticed about this gorgeous little spot is just how many huge, blousey hydrangeas are about.

I love these delicious blossoms and have never seen such an abundance or such a variety of colours and shades. Prepare for many many more snaps of them!!


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