Our next Breton stop is the beautiful little village of Locronan. A shame it’s a drizzly day.

This exquisite village in west Finistère occupies a long-sacred spot named after a revered Irishman who settled here in the Dark Ages.

Saint Ronan is greatly venerated in Brittany. He was an Irish Christian missionary of the 6th century who came to the region to teach the people. As his association with Locronan is close, some of his relics are kept in the parish church.

From the late Middle Ages, sail-making brought prosperity, and an exceptionally handsome architectural legacy.

The village’s beauty stems from the success of local weavers and merchants, who supplied fine sails not just to the French navy, but also to English and Spanish clients.

Locronan’s grandest houses, with their remarkable dormer windows, are mainly 18th century.

The solid Renaissance houses with traditional roofs and cobbled streets ooze history and will transport you back to the past.

Some of the stunning old buildings house beautiful boutique shops and retailers including this mouth watering chocolatiers.

The village’s name means the “hermitage of Ronan”, from the Breton lok which means hermitage, and after its founder Saint Ronan. It has previously been known as Saint-René-du-Bois.

Locronan is a member, unsurprisingly, of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (“The most beautiful villages of France”) association.

This tiny, picture postcard village has just 800 residents.But this swells in summer with an endless influx of tourists, all after a glimpse of its charms.

One of the shops is jam packed full of traditional produce from the local region.

There’s honey, tinned fish and sweets.

You can also pick from a plethora of ales, beers and speciality brews.

All over the village are a wealth of gorgeous little details such as this quirky shop sign.


Next we explore the wonderful old church and the rest of the village, all while dodging the incessant drizzle!.

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