Craving Concarneau


Concarneau is France’s third most important fishing port with plenty to keep you occupied.

The Ville Close is without doubt Concarneau’s most popular tourist attraction. This old stone fortified ‘town’ has just a few narrow streets filled with shops and restaurants, where geraniums tumble from window boxes.

Concarneau has made its living from the fishing industry for hundreds of years and the town remains an important centre: more than 100,000 tonnes of tuna are caught each year by Concarneau-based boats

However, forget stinky fish, I have my eyes on something far more tasty and sweet!


A confectionery shop has caught my eye and I am lured in by the colourful delights on display.

These delicately pastel hued meringues always intrigue me but I am still yet to sample one.

Close up they are even more delectable and sweet tooth inducing!!


Even better is this chocolate king of the jungle. I am surprised the man can keep the mania from his eyes – he is a chocolate fiend!


I enjoyed the quirky pieces on display at crazy shop Votre Boutique Design.

From huge British bulldogs to bright red perspex men, there’s something bound to catch your eye. Although I couldn’t fit anything in my suitcase!!!


Find out more about their zany, colourful interiour designs on the website here.

From the uber modern to more old, vintage details. Concarneau is jammed pack full of them, more to follow!



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