A little more Quimper

Continuing our wander around Quimper we’re after food, drink and curios.


Can’t beat some sugary churros and chocolate dip. So we must eat them until we are sick!

We also do a spot of making the streets safer by locking up some hardened criminals.



Then it’s onwards to find some quirky details such as painted tiles and bookshop signs.

A few of the imprisoned criminals appear to have escaped and need rounding up!

Quimper became wealthy from the 17th century onwards due to the growth of the pottery making industry here.

You can find many examples of pottery from cheap and cheerful tourist buys to centuries old, uber expensive, examples.

Below are more of the quaint medieval half-timbered buildings that make Quimper such a delight to visit.

You can roam the back streets in search of colourful souvenirs or (in this case) beach mats!

Musical flutes are always a treat for people who have small children . . . . .


A bit of political paste up – Labour Law? No!


Below are more examples of the town’s past architecture. This cute little tower leans out over the water like something out of a Disney film.

The caffeine addicts need their fix and so drop into a tiny side street cafe for a refuel.

I leave them too it and head off to snaffle out some architectural features and old signs.

Of course, no holiday visit is complete without the obligatory market traipse. So we head to the main, covered market hall ‘Halles Saint-François’.

Opened in 1847 on the site of the former convent of Saint-François, it is the most famous market, located in the heart of Quimper.


From juicy fruits, to nuts, radishes and more – I am in shiny, colourful, snap happy mode.

Salad, spices and herbs are all stacked high and ready to be added to a tasty Breton dish.

The market resembles the hull of a ship with its wooden framed roof.

Double trouble sneak off to sample some curry to round off a day of hectic sightseeing.

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