Dans l’oeil d’une Sirene


While in Pont Croix I was intrigued by a huge, colourful painting on the wall of a church.


It had the evocative title of Dans L’oeil d’une Sirene – In the Eye of the Mermaid.

This turned out to be one of many sumptuous, marine themed paintings by Jean-Noel Duchemin.

His fishy delights were displayed in the Chapelle Saint Vincent and many are painted on large, stiffened, linen shirts or draperies.

The sea obsessed artist paints multicoloured fish, sailors, sirens on multiple materials, especially ones that are recovered if possible.

The end result is a whimsical, colourful, almost childlike celebration of all things seafaring.

Whether it’s weathered fishermen, jewel bright shoals of fish or tender partings of sailors and love ones, there’s a cornucopia of water themed delights.

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