High jinks in Harajuku

Next up on my must see list was the quirky shopping and sights of Tokyo’s stylish teens – Harajuku.

So after watching the human chaos at Shibuyu crossing we head through the bustling streets towards the style mecca of Harajuku.

We know we’ve arrived when we spot the cartoony flowers marking the entrance to Takeshita Street.

Takeshita Street was inspiration for Gwen Stafani’s song “Harajuku Girls” and introduced the wider western world to the concept of the wild and wacky street styles of the area.

Sadly the majority of these outlandish style mavens seem to have moved on from the area, possibly tired of tourists such as myself eager to catch a glimpse of the gaudy butterflies.

However the street still throbs with gaudy garments, neon lights and cutesy cartoons.

Whether you’re after badges, boas wigs or stripy socks, Takeshita Street can provide for your multi coloured needs.

The shops on this street are often indicators for broader trends that develop, and some are known as “antenna shops,” which manufacturers fill with prototype products for test-marketing.

Takeshita Street is where I first fall in love with the  Daiso 100 Yen shops!  Now, since Brexit, the pound has tanked meaning that Japan was eye wateringly expensive.

But fear not –  Daiso is there for all your quirky, touristy, souveniry needs. From traditional tea pots and cups to cute little cat post it, it is a joy!!

Here’s a selection of my purchases . . . some may say I got a “little” carried away . .  . .

Then we head to a local park to check out the colourful Sake bottles (more of that later) before heading back to catch to street as dusk falls.

I’ll leave you to enjoy this incredibly Kawaii dessert! Could it actually get any cuter?!!


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