It’s all over…..for now . . .

It is with a heavy heart that I finally come to the LAST EVER POST ABOUT JAPAN!* It has taken a whole year to document our amazing trip and it is fitting that it is almost exactly a year since we set off on our odyssey. So lets’s take a last romp through Osaka’s colourfulContinue reading “It’s all over…..for now . . .”

Tetsujin 28

Another quirky sight to be found in Kobe is the mammoth Tetsujin 28 Robot Statue! Towering at an impressive 59 feet high he is somewhat innocuously sited in a fairly drab square surrounded by tower blocks. Tetsujin-28 is a manga character from Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s 1956 “Tetsujin 28-go”. The  story is about a robot built to beContinue reading “Tetsujin 28”

Kobe’s Earthquake memorial

Carrying on with our exploration of Kobe we stumble across a veritable cornucopia of cute road work signs. How boring and mundane our traffic cones look now!! Sadly Kobe is better known for the tragedy that befell many of its inhabitants in 1995 when a huge earthquake wracked the city and surrounding areas. The GreatContinue reading “Kobe’s Earthquake memorial”

Bye bye Don Quixote

The time has come to make our last visit (of this trip at least) to the mecca of consumerism that is Don Quixote! This temple of tat, paradise of products, hallowed ground of goody grabbing . . . How we will miss it. Where else can you stick your head through a “traditional” Japanese welcomeContinue reading “Bye bye Don Quixote”

Illuminated Osaka

We head back into the bustling heartland of Osaka in the evening to see it transformed into a throbbing neon paradise. It is the most iconic and enduring image of modern Japan – eye splitting coloured lights as far as the eye can see. And Osaka does not disappoint! Whether it’s giant puffer fish orContinue reading “Illuminated Osaka”

Pet cafes and fishy markets

Continuing our tour of our final Japanese city Osaka. We spot a few of the more quirky features of Japanese socialising – pet cafes! In this case all things tiny, fluffy and spiky! As well as photo perving on yet more perfectly replicated plastic meals and sushi. This tiny shop is a manga lover’s paradise.Continue reading “Pet cafes and fishy markets”

Animal cake and arcades

You can’t go far in Japan without spotting something utterly adorable like these animal shaped desserts! Whether it’s curry topped with a teddy bear, rabbit eared icecream or a burger with googly eyes, it has to be kawaii!! Another utterly Japanese experience are the incredible, multi story gaming temples such as this rainbow coloured NamcoContinue reading “Animal cake and arcades”